• Quick Tip Quick Tips and Info:  
    1.  When editing your website, use Google Chrome.
    2.  Be sure to click the "sign in" button, not the search bar, when trying to enter in your username.
    3.  Make all your changes within Site Manager
    4.  Save your page periodically while editing and at the end of each editing session.
    5.  Keep your website updated with current information about what's happening in your classroom.
    6. View your website after editing to test links and to check formatting.
    7.  If you add any video or pictures of your students, make sure those students have media releases.
    8.  Use the "How Do I?" tab at the top of your page to search videos, interactive tutorials, and on the web to help answer website questions.
    9.  Remember to ask while creating your page: "Who is my audience?" and "What are the goals of this website?"
    10. If you cannot remember your password, username, or you get locked out of your account, please email Casey Owens at the District Office.