Free Rice 2.0

    Play games and feed a hungry person!

    Brain Pop

    Videos and resources on lots of topics: math, reading, writing, science and social studies.

    Brain Pop Jr.

    Videos and resources on lots of topics: math, reading, writing, science and social studies.


    Free games that make learning math fun!


    Great site to practice phonics and decoding skills.

    ABC YA!

    Click on a grade and get a variety of fun, educational games in lots of areas:  letters, numbers, reading, math, typing, Spanish, and more.


    A great site full of interesting videos and articles for the curious and imaginative learner!  Explore the 'Wonder of the Day' and many other awesome discoveries.

    Wild Maths Game

    Fun site to review math skills and think creatively.

    Math Fact Cafe

    Click on 'Pre-Made Worksheets,' select your grade level, and get to interactive math fact reviews.

    PBS Kids

    Great games, videos, and activities from PBS.

    National Geographic KIDS

    Games, videos, facts, photos, activities--this site has it all.

    Storyline Online

    Fun site that has videos of famous children's books being read aloud by celebrities.

    Fun Brain Arcade

    This site has activities for math, reading, comics, and FUN!

    Go NoOdle

    Super-fun brain breaks for school OR home!  

    Into the Book

    Practice reading strategies by playing fun, interactive games.  

    Highlights KIDS

    This site allows you to read, play games, conduct science experiments, and MORE! 


    This is a great site for students to practice math facts by grade level.  The 'single' player games are the ones that I recommend students use.


    Cool Math 4 Kids

    Interactive math tutorials and interactive games to make learning math concepts FUN!  Goes from easy addtion to long division to fractions to tesselation.  It even has printable flash cards.

    Fact Monster

    What an amazing site full of fun facts about social studies, science, math, money, the earth, people, and there is even a 'Cool Stuff' category!  This site also includes great resources like an atlas, dictionary, almanac, and encyclopedia!

    Learning Games for Kids

    This site has educational games, videos, fun typing practice, and review lessons.

    Learning Planet 

    This site has games for early learning skills, math, words, language arts, problem-solving skills, as well as memory and brain-boosting skills!  


    Wonderopolis - Book Shelver 

    Practice your library skills by putting the books in order!   



    a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages - See more at: http://wonderopolis.org/about/#sthash.rxDCBanC.dpuf
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