• Port Replicator Issues

  • If the Laptop Screen is BlackPort Replicator
    When you plug in the port replicator and your laptop screen turns black, it is probably set to “Projector Only”.  Press the Display key for your laptop four times. This will change it to "Computer Only" and bring back the screen on your laptop.

    To Make the Laptop and Monitor Match 

    Press the Display key for your laptop, and select Duplicate.

    Using Both the Laptop Screen and the Monitor

    To do this, you will need to set the display to Extend. Press your Display key and select Extend. This will set the displays to work as two separate monitors.
    To change the position of where your laptop thinks your LCD monitor is, click the Pearl (Start Button) and type Adjust Screen Resolution. Click Identify and drag the "2" to the position you would like.


     F8 Key