• Research Databases

    (Academic Websites)


    PebbleGo -- multimedia information on animals, biographies, social studies, science, & dinosaurs * 
    PebbleGo Next - multi-media information about states and American Indians
    TrueFlix -- Science and Social Studies e-books, activities, and videos  *
    ScienceFlix -- eBooks, activities, and videos about all things SCIENCE  *
    BookFlix:  Pairs fiction with nonfiction eBooks on a variety of topics.  Play some of the comprehension games afterwards! *
    Follett Shelf eBooks and interactive books from our own library!
     Video Databases


     BrainPop -- educational videos and awesome activities  *


    BrainPop Jr. -- videos on K-3 educational topics  *


    Cool Online Databases
    Digital Vaults -- tagged historic primary documents


    Gapminder -- world views via interactive graphs


    HistoryPin -- photos from history pinned to map location
  • Safe Searches


    KidRex -- safe search engine for kids


    Kiddle -- visual search for kids


    Kidtopia -- search engine designed by librarians FOR student research


    Sweet Search -- a search engine designed for student research

    Informational Fun


    Wonderopolis - explore the wonders of learning


    Nasa Kids Club - news, missions, videos, games, & more


    National Geographic Kids -- short geographical video clips


    PBS LearningMedia -- video clips 
    for all grades/subjects


     Study Jams -- instructional science
    and math videos



    Ozark Intranet Videos --

    available on any computer connected to the school network - must use Internet Explorer


  • *password required if accessed from home (see the inside of your child's take home folder for a sticker with further information)