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    The Ozark R-6 School District “KITES” Program (Kids in Talented Educational Studies) serves students grades two through twelve who give evidence of high achievement capability in areas of intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership and academic performance.

    The following goals of the program drive the academic objectives presented to students:

    • The gifted learner will acquire a superior level of knowledge and skills to gather, analyze, interpret, and critique information and ideas with an advanced degree of independence.
    • The gifted learner will acquired an advanced level of knowledge and skills to communicate high levels of thought within and beyond the classroom.
    • The gifted learner will acquire a wide range of knowledge and thinking skills to recognize and solve personal and real world problems in diverse ways.
    • The gifted learner will acquire an advanced level of knowledge and skills to make informed decisions in order to act as a sensitive and responsible member of our global society. 

    The District has developed a process to identify students for eligibility in the Gifted Education Program.  The process of screening occurs at each site and is facilitated by our school guidance counselors.  Once screening has been completed parents of eligible students are notified.  If permission is granted further individual evaluation is conducted to determine eligibility for the program.  District counselors and other qualified evaluators conduct the testing at the conclusion of each school year and test for approximately one week. Those students who are not available during this window of time are scheduled individually by our evaluators.

    Elementary Grades 2-5 Focus:

    Eligible students in grades 2 through 5 are pulled out of their regular classrooms one day a week, and attend class in the KITES classroom at West Elementary. Busing is provided to those students who do not attend school at West.  In the KITES classroom, students are provided instruction in the following areas: creativity, affective education, critical thinking, and character and leadership skills. Additionally, a quarterly major unit provides for intense and rigorous research and learning about a specific topic that goes beyond what is taught in the regular classroom. In KITES, students are given opportunities for challenge, work both individually and in groups in order to accomplish tasks, and use a multitude of resources in order to rise to their full potential.

    Our gifted teachers also support the KITES students by partnering with classroom teachers to address student needs. This collaborative approach is focused on academics, as well as social, emotional, and behavioral needs for the KITES students.  

    Middle School Grades 6-7 Focus:

    gible Students in grades 6 and 7 attend KITES once a week on their designated day. Each semester students participate in a project-based research focus unit with opportunities to research and explore the specific semester topic. The day begins with students learning to share time speaking and active listening. The students have opportunities to respond after listening to each of their classmates speak. This has been productive for students who have trouble sharing talk times as well as for those students who have trouble speaking to classmates. Learning stations are set up that include activities for creative, deductive and critical thinking. Students have some mandatory task to complete and some optional task having to do with their level and interest.  One of the stations always includes technology use as a research tool. The end of the day students gather to discuss what they accomplished for the day and participate in a group activity. The end of the semester they present their projects to each other. An example of this would be our first semester unit “The Brain”.  After times exploring specific essential information students were able to explore particular topics about the brain they found to be the most interesting and research to create a poster essay they presented to their classmates. Students along with their teacher fill out a quarterly evaluation form stating much they think they have learned or accomplished and what areas they want to improve.

    Our gifted teachers also support the KITES students by partnering with classroom teachers to address student needs. This collaborative approach is focused on academics, as well as social, emotional, and behavioral needs for the KITES students.  

     Junior High/High School Focus:

    Prerequisite: Teacher permission. Students must qualify for the Ozark gifted program, per district policy.

    Independent Studies is offered as an elective class at Ozark High School and Ozark Junior High School. Students must meet minimum eligibility criteria as outlined in the District Policies and Procedures Handbook for the Ozark R-VI Public School Gifted Program. Students will engage in a number of activities, including, but not limited to: accelerated studies, individualized research, small group projects, and problem-solving. The focus of the class will be on individualized and differentiated learning designed to meet the individual and special needs of gifted students.

    To make a referral for gifted screening for the 2021-22 school year please click here!