• Link to Odyssey website: ozark.owschools.com
    In Opportunities class, many students are enrolled in online courses in our school's online credit recovery program called Odyssey.  This option allows students to work at their own pace and receive personalized instruction. Students can work on Odyssey anywhere they have internet access. It is important that students are keeping up with their Odyssey work in order to obtain required credits to graduate.
    Each student should know his/her login. If you or your student are unsure of the login information, please contact me.
    Steps for using Odyssey:
    1. Login
    2. If you are not automatically directed to Assignments page, Click "Learn" on the top row
    3. Decide which course you should work on and select the next assigned lesson, quiz, or test.
    4. Read and review the lesson before answering questions. You may go back and reread parts of the lesson while answering questions. 
    **Note: The Odyssey calendar does NOT align with the calendar we use, and there unfortunately is no way for us to change that at this time. Please ignore the due dates Odyssey provides or any lesson that says "overdue" and continue to complete lessons in the order they appear. 
     If you have any questions regarding Odyssey, please don't hesitate to contact me!