COURSE:  Physical Education/Health                                              GRADE LEVEL: 6


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    INSTRUCTORS:  Mr. Bodoin, Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Drane, Mr. Hargus and Ms. Luttrell



    Students will be taught a variety of activities requiring the use of fine and gross motor skills.  Our goal is to use physical education as a means to promote an active lifestyle throughout one’s life.  Through this course our students will not only develop physical skills that are essential in everyday life, but also develop social and mental skills that are helpful as well.  A combination of FitnessGram and Presidential Physical Fitness will be our resource for fitness testing.  The program measures student’s strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular output using a series of six tests.



    Each student will be able to:

    • Demonstrate competency in many movement forms and proficiency in a few movement forms.
    • Apply movement concepts and principles to the learning and development of motor skills.
    • Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity.
    • Demonstrate appropriate personal and social behavior in physical activity settings.
    • Demonstrate an understanding and respect for differences among people in physical activity settings
    • Understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self expression, and social interaction
    • Demonstrate competency and an understanding of a variety of subjects covered in the health curriculum and how choices you make affect all 3 sides of one’s health triangle.


    PHYSICAL EDUCATION COURSE ACTIVITIES (including but not limited to):

                Physical Fitness           Throwing and Catching          Winter Olympics

                Badminton                  Deck Tennis                            Summer Olympics

                Rhythm and Dance     Fitness Games                         Team Sports



    • Be respectful, responsible, and safe
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    • Treat others as you want to be treated! Put downs will not be tolerated.
    • No talking while the teacher is speaking or after the whistle is blown.
    • This is a coed class. Please remember to conduct yourself accordingly.


    We try to get our students outside for activity as much as possible in the fall and spring to enjoy the health benefits of sunny weather.   Early in the morning it is not uncommon for heavy dew to be on the ground.  If your son/daughter has PE that day we suggest they wear an older pair of shoes outside and bring an extra pair of socks so their feet can be dry if they get wet during PE.  For students who are sun sensitive, we suggest they bring sunscreen.


    Due to the nature of physical education and the physical demands of our curriculum, those students who may have medical needs, such as asthma or diabetes, need to bring all necessary items with them to physical education class.



    Notes from parents (maximum 2 per quarter) asking that their child be excused from physical activity that day will be permitted. Parent notes will be good only for the day they are written. If an injury or ongoing illness will keep them from participation for multiple days then a doctor’s note must accompany their return to class.  Parents should realize that when students are ACTIVELY engaged and participating in class they will have more opportunity to learn and practice skills.  Therefore having the potential to score higher on summative assessments.

    If a student is absent from class (excused, unexcused, ISS) or unable to participate (based upon a parent/nurse/doctor excuse), they will need to complete a project from the “alternative assignment” section on Canvas to get full credit.  You are expected to turn assignments in no later than 3 school days after the absence/s. 



    • Grades from PE and Health are combined on your child’s grade card as “Physical Education and Health 6”
    • PE grades are a result of daily participation, skills tests, and written rules tests. If a student fails to dress appropriately he/she will receive a handbook signature and still be required to participate in physical activity as long as they can safely do so.


    Parents: If you need to discuss a PE/Health related issue, we request you contact us directly by email or phone:

    curtishargus@ozarktigers.org  (582-5903 ext. 3012)

    geoffreycooper@ozarktigers.org  (582-5903 ext.3015)

    kellidrane@ozarktigers.org  (582-5903 ext. 3064)

    dianeluttrell@ozarktigers.org  (582-5903 ext. 3034)

    chrisbodoin@ozarktigers.org  (582-5903 ext. 3035) 

    Communicating directly with one another will allow us to resolve matters more quickly, and eliminate the need for classroom teachers to be a go between saving everyone time.


    Please return the information below with appropriate signatures.

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    Student Name (printed)________________________________________________________


    This is your first assignment, it is worth 5 points, and is due August 24, 2017.

    By signing this form I state that my child and I have read and understand the Physical Education/Health Course Syllabus and Code of Conduct for Physical Education at Ozark Middle School.


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