• 1. How to I register online for the trip?
    You can register online beginning March 20th through the 24th.  After that the window will close.  District will provide the web address by March 20th.

    2. How do I log into the SDC Volunteer Form?

    You will need to use your child's Ozark Google username and password.  The link will open March 20th.  
    3. What if both parents want to volunteer?
    Each parent will need to fill out their own volunteer form.
    4. If I volunteer, do I have to help with a group all day or can I sign my child out for the day?
    If you volunteer, you are agreeing to help supervise students until all students are picked up from the high school at the end of the field trip.  You cannot sign out early.
    5. Where can I use the meal pass and what does it include?
    There are specific locations listed on the meal pass. The options usually include a sandwich or chicken strips, fries or chips, and a drink. 
    6. Can I or my child use our Silver Dollar City Season Pass?

    7. May I upgrade my one day ticket to a season pass? 
    Yes, you may upgrade your season pass before you leave the park. Students who do not have parents volunteering will need to send cash to pay for the upgrade. Please contact SDC for upgrade information. 
    8. Can I send money with my child? 
    Yes, but your child will be responsible for the money. Children may need money for snacks or drinks throughout the day.  
    9. Does my child need lunch money? 
    If you did not purchase a meal ticket or a sack lunch you will need to send money for your child to purchase a lunch at SDC. 
    10. I can not access the form.
    Make sure you are logged out of your personal gmail account.  If  problems persist, please contact Juli Serrano at 582-5903 juliserrano@mail.ozark.k12.mo.us
    11. Will we still go if it is raining?