• Ozark Middle School, Junior High & High School
    Nutrition and Food Services
     Choose My Plate
    Cafeteria Reminders
    • Must re-apply for Free/Reduced Lunches each year.
    • Payment can be made in lunch line, although not preferred.
    • Payments must include student name and grade on check.
    • Online payments, lunch account balances and PIN available on the Parent Portal.
    • Students will use personal scan cards.
    • To purchase a tray - MUST have at least three food components.  One component must be a fruit and/or vegetable.
    Student Lunch Tray:  $2.40
       Reduced:  $0.40
    Student Breakfast Tray:  $1.30
       Reduced:  $0.30
    Single Milk:  $0.40 
    Meal Choices
         Student Tray
    • Entree Examples: Pizza, Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Chef Salad, Subs, Hot Line
    • Side Examples: Fruits, Vegetables, Salad, Potato Items, 1/2 Pint Milk
        A la Carte Menu
           Prices range from $0.40-$2.00
    • Individual sides and entree priced as a la carte is not a complete tray
    • Single milk purchase for breakfast, lunch or snack costs $0.40.
    • Free/Reduced meals do not include a la carte items
    • Various snack items NOT listed under side examples (chips, ice cream, crackers, cookies, muffins, beef jerky)
    • Bottled Drinks
    • Students will not be allowed to hae a negative balance for a la carte items
    Please ask any MS, JH or HS Cashier or Nutrition Services Employee!
    MS Head Cook Dorothy Payne, 582-4813
    JH Head Cook is Cara Cunningham, 582-4719
    HS Head Cook is Vicki Hill, 582-5723
    Nutrition Services Department, 582-5967