• Highway Driving
    First of all driving on the highway is EASIER than driving on surface streets. Everyone is going the same direction. There aren't any stoplights. All you gotta do is stay in your lane and drive. With that said there are two tough parts about highway driving. That is getting on and changing lanes. Highway Driving
    When getting on the highway make sure you get up to the highway speed (60 MPH or so) on the ramp. That will enable you to merge much safer. When going down the ram start scanning for an area to merge into. If there isn't a clear spot DON'T PANIC. Just cut on your turn signal and people will(should) let you over. 

    When you get on the highway don't stay in the far right lane. Go to the lane next to it (if you're on a 3+ lane highway). Most deaths and accidents happen in the left lane(passing lane) and right lane(slow lane). So the safest place to be is in one of the middle lanes. 

    When you're changing lanes make sure to check your blind spots. Before you change lanes check your mirror then turn on your indicator(if you have a clear spot) then glance over your shoulder. If nothing is there then go. 

    Getting off the highway is easy. Just get in the far right lane then exit off. 

    Also use the far left lane ONLY FOR PASSING.  When you're done passing move back over to the right. Most deaths are in that lane because people clog it up and end up running into each other. Also use your turn signals
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