Welcome to the 10 Day Road Trip activity page.  You will be traveling by car/truck/motorcycle around the U.S.  You will be limited to 10 days of travel.  You must start in Ozark, Mo. on your journey and finish back in Ozark, Mo. on your last day.  You will need to diagram your trip on the US map provide on the back 
    10 Day Road Trip
    of the worksheet.  You will be allowed to travel with a friend in your class.  Both of you will have to turn in your own worksheets.  Good luck and have a great 10 Day Road Trip.
    You will be using MapQuest and any other internet resource you can find for this assignment.   On this trip money is no object.  So will can eat, stay, and go anywhere you like.  But, you have to follow the restrictions below.
    MapQuest          U.S. Highway System Map       Road Trippers
    These will be the restrictions for your trip:
    • You can only travel a maximum distance of 500 miles per day
    • You have to log your estimated mileage each day using MapQuest
    • You have to log your gas prices from each town you visit using MapQuest
    • You have to log how many hours you drive each day using MapQuest
    • You have to log what US Highways you travel on each day using MapQuest
    • You will stay over-night in various cities and log in where you stayed in a Hotel and how much it costs using MapQuest
    • You will write down two restaurants you would like to dine at using MapQuest
    • You will have to list three recreational/entertainment activities you would like to visit in each city using MapQuest or you can use Google.com
    • You will not be allowed to visit any Fast Food establishments.  No Exceptions
    • You will only be allowed to visit one sporting event in each city. No Exceptions
    • You will be required to get the fuel prices for each city.  GasBuddy.com