• Chapter #11

    Impaired Driving


    Impaired Drivers

    Chapter 11 is designed to give the student an understanding of the significant effects of alcohol and other drugs on a person’s ability to perform the driving task. Statistics will indicate that alcohol is a significant factor in fatal motor vehicle crashes for individuals between 15 and 24 years of age. Many who use alcohol also use other drugs. This use compounds the effects and creates a serious problem for the new driver.


    The student will:

    1. Make wise choices and take responsibility in regard to not using alcohol and other drugs while operating a motor vehicle.

    2. Recognize the nature of the alcohol-related traffic crash problem.

    3. Explain the definition of intoxicated according to their state law and explain the penalties associated with driving under the influence.

    4. Describe the effects of alcohol on space management including,perception, vision, reaction time and risk-taking, the common signs of the drinking driver and how to eliminate alcohol from the system.

    5. Explain how drugs other than alcohol affect the driving task.

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