• Chapter #9

    The Effects of Distractions on Driving


    Driving Distractions

    Chapter 9 is designed to help the student understand the substantial negative effects of distractions on a driver’s ability to safely perform the driving task. Research and statistics demonstrate that distractions represent a significant factor in motor vehicle crashes, especially for novice drivers.

    This unit will explore the definition of driving distractions, the various types of driver distractions, the effects of distractions on the driving task, costs related to crashes due to distracted driving, prevention of driving distractions and strategies for students to disseminate information on the distracted driving problem.


    The student will:

    1.  Define and describe the effects of distracted driving and the nature of the problem of distracted driving crashes.

    2.  Describe potential distractions that could occur inside the vehicle and their effects on the driving task.

    3.  Describe potential distractions that could occur outside the vehicle and their effects on the driving task.

    4.  Develop a plan to prevent distractions before getting behind the wheel.

    5.  Develop a plan to address distractions while driving

    6.  Commit to being a safe, distraction-free driver and be able to identify ways to disseminate information regarding the dangers and consequences of distracted driving to other teens, their parents, and the community.
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