• Chapter #5

    Vision and Space Management
    Space Management


    Chapter 5 will introduce operator procedural and information processing tasks in a low risk driving environment. Basic vehicle maneuvering tasks will include vehicle operating space and an introduction to the space management system. The space management system will be used to determine appropriate roadway position, appropriate vehicle speed and appropriate communication with other users.  Roadway characteristics discussed will be interaction with intersections, surface conditions and traffic controls. Looking for open, closed and changing areas of space and divided attention/multi-tasking will also be discussed.


     The student will:

    1. Identify and describe how effective visual skills help to manage risk when operating a motor vehicle.

    2. Identify the vehicle operating space and maintain an adequate space cushion. 

    3. Define stopping distance and how it applies to the space around the vehicle.

    4. Demonstrate knowledge of the space management system SEE.

             Demonstrate knowledge of the search process and describe where,when, how and what a driver needs as part of the search process.
             Demonstrate knowledge of the evaluating risk process.
             Demonstrate knowledge of the executing process for making an appropriate response.

    5. Demonstrate knowledge of procedures for selecting and positioning a motor vehicle in the proper lane for safe, smooth driving.

    6. Identify how to divide attention between path of travel and demands inside the vehicle.



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