• Chapter #2

    Getting Acquainted with the Vehicle

    Pre-Driving Checks


    Chapter 2 will help the student become acquainted with his/her vehicle by introducing the following concepts: how to make routine checks prior to entering the vehicle,  how to compensate for the area around the vehicle that cannot be seen, how to perform Pre-Drive procedures, why safety restraints are important, how to locate and operate the vehicle information and control devices, how to interpret the control and information device symbols,how to set and use mirrors, how to use reference points, and how to use the vehicle owner’s manual.


    The student will:

    1.     Describe Pre-entry checks to be made around the vehicle. Identify the obscured areas around the vehicle.

    2.     Demonstrate knowledge of and proper usage of protective devices available to occupants of motor vehicles.

    3.     Identify and describe the location, function and operation of safety, communication, comfort, convenience, and control devices, as well as control and information device symbols found in a passenger vehicle in preparation for starting the vehicle.

    4.     Describe the Pre-drive procedures used after entering the vehicle and demonstrate knowledge of enhanced mirror settings and mirror usage.

    5.     Demonstrate knowledge of standard and personal vehicle reference points to know where the vehicle is positioned in relation to the roadway.

    6.     Describe the purpose and use of the vehicle owner’s manual. 

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