• Chapter #1
    Novice Driver Responsibilities and the Licensing System

    Drivers License

    Chapter 1 is designed to introduce the student and parent/guardian/mentor to the structure, goals, policies and procedures of your school’s driver education program. The students and parents/guardians/mentors will also learn about their state’s licensing system requirements.

    The responsibilities of collision-free and violation-free driving will also be introduced. Communication among all those involved in the driver education program will be stressed (student, parent/guardian/mentor, instructor).


    The student and parent/guardian/mentor will gain an understanding of:

    1. The driver education program goals, course structure, testing and course
    2. The school’s plan and procedures for classroom and in-car instruction, including the skills log to document supervised practice
    3. The need for continuous communication between the student, parent/guardian/mentor and the instructor
    4. The state’s driver education program and licensing system requirements
    5. Driving as a complex task that involves risk and decisions 
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