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    Drivers Education for OHS Students
    Driver Licenses Summertime is the time of year when teenagers celebrate the rite of passage called "Getting Their Drivers License." Each teen, eagerly looks forward to gaining their independence. Unfortunately, those lives can be threatened through unsafe driving practices and turn a celebration into a tragedy. Teens and parents are reminded that this website is an excellent resource for this course at Ozark High School and anytime of the year in helping you to gain experience and reduce teen fatalities. Vehicle crashes are the No. 1 killer of teenagers in America. Check out this site for advice on key driving skills - hazard recognition, vehicle handling, space management and speed management. Lack of skill in these areas is the cause of 60 percent of teen crashes.   This website has articles, videos, classroom assignments, and others activities to enhance your driving experience. 

    So as you're celebrating this summer and preparing for the year ahead, also remember to be safe on the road ahead.

    Ten Things You Need To Know Before Driving

    1. Drive defensively.

    • A good defensive driver always knows what is ahead, to the side, and behind the vehicle
    • A good defensive driver always drives for the road and weather conditions
    • A good defensive driver will attempt to make up for the mistakes of other drivers

    2. Speed kills!

    The faster you go, the less control you have over the vehicle (it’s just plain old physics at work). The speed limits have been established for the safety of all road users. Drive for the road and weather conditions (worth repeating from the previous section).

    3. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle’s occupants.

    • Don’t move the car until all occupants are wearing their seat belts.
    • Passengers in the front of the vehicle must properly adjust their head restraint (aka headrest – should be adjusted at approx. mid-ear level .Too high or too low can cause injury)

    4. A vehicle is not a toy!

    Plain and simple, a motor vehicle is a potential dangerous weapon if it is not used properly. A vehicle is a form of transportation, which is meant to get you from point A to point B. It is not meant to be used as a way to impress your friends.

    5. Driving under the influence is plain stupid and will not be tolerated by you.

    • Alcohol, drugs and driving don’t mix.
    • New Drivers Lack of sleep can lead to collisions.
    • To drive safely, you must be sober and alert.
    • Spell out what the consequences will be, if your kid is caught driving under the influence.

    6. If you miss a turn or exit…

    • Go to the next turn or exit- don’t stop in the middle of the highway and backup. 
    • Know your route – look it up on  a map (before leaving for your destination) or use a GPS.  Parents, it would be wise to practice destination driving with your kid. You’d be surprised how difficult it is for a new driver to find a destination. 

    7. Be aware of the other road users.

    You’re not the only one on the road. You have to be aware of other drivers, pedestrians, motorcycles, and bicycles.  Plain and simple, you have to share the road with others.

    8. It costs money to operate a vehicle.

    • Will your kid have to pay for gas? (I hope so). 
    • Will your kid have to pay for car insurance?
    • Will your kid have to pay for any damage done to the car 

    These are questions that you should discuss with your kid prior to letting him/her get behind the wheel.

    9. There are consequences for not playing by the rules.

    • Lay down the rules about car usage.
    • What penalties/consequences have you discussed with your kid with regards to breaking the rules? 
    • Is your kid aware of the legal consequences of not playing by the rules?

    10. Do the right thing – DRIVE SAFELY!

    Drive safely and you’ll come home alive.