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    The Ozark Public School System offers classroom and hands-on driving instruction to students. �The goal of the Ozark Public School System is to provide the best quality driver education program in a safe and timely manner.��

    Each student will be given:
    • 60 hours of classroom instruction
    • 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction
    • 12 hours of in-car observation

    Ozark Public Schools Driver Education Program serves students in our school district.

    � ��The process of learning to drive is two-fold. The program is designed to help prepare our students to pass their Driver's exam but more importantly it will provide them with safe habits that will help keep them safe on our highways throughout their lives.�
    One of the best tools we have in helping our teens be safe is to set the example by demonstrating safe driving habits. Seat belts save lives, it is that simple. �We, as adults and educators, should set the example that our children should follow.
    ���All of the vehicles used in the Ozark Public Schools Drivers Education program will be provided by Dennis Hanks Chevrolet and Campbell Ford.
    Young Drivers: �The High Risk Years
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    OHS Driver Education Program Goals

    A new driver is a capable person who is able to:

    • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the rules and procedures of operating an automobile.
    • Use visual search skills to obtain correct information and make reduced-risk decisions about driving maneuvers.
    • Demonstrate ability to manage space around the vehicle by adjusting position and/or speed to avoid conflict and reduce risk.
    • Interact with other users within the Highway Transportation System in a positive manner.
    • Demonstrate vehicle control through steering, braking, and accelerating in a precise and timely manner.
    • �Protect yourself and others by using safety belts and head restraints.
    • Display knowledge of responsible actions in regard to physical and psychological conditions affecting driver performance.
    • Extend supervised practice with licensed parent/guardian/mentor to develop precision in the use of skills, processing and responsibilities.