• Woodworking


                                                    Woodworking 1                                  

    1 Credit                                                        Grade Level 10-12


    Course Overview 


                Woodworking 1 is an intensive course of woodworking. Major emphasis at this level is placed on the more advanced principles, skills and terminology of the woodworking field. Opportunity for exploratory experiences in many specialty areas of woods is provided. Investigation of related occupations is stressed.


                Wood in all forms is an intriguing material. All who work with it are constantly challenged by its many properties, uses and vast potentials; they are stimulated by woods beauty, warmth and other characteristics that many materials so often imitate, but never equal.


    Major Objectives


                Upon completion of this course, the students should be able to:


            Demonstrate skills in the safe and proper use of industrial materials

                                   (wood, glue, finish, etc.) , power machines and hand tools.

            Explain the principles of design and apply orderly planning of projects

                                  Demonstrate good judgments in the selection and use of materials.

           Apply at least three different types of finish.

           Make at least two types of complicated wood joinery.

           Develop and follow Steps Of Procedure throughout construction.



     High School Applied Tech. with a grade of 70% or better is a prerequisite for Woodworking.  

    Every student in Woodworking will complete a 1st Semester project on the lathe along with individual woods project.

    Projects will be of acceptable difficulty for this level of course.  

    2nd Semester will be a mix of Cabinetry Design and Construction with


    Exploratory student projects as time allows.

     Classes will be a mix of classroom discussion and instruction, shop work on

    individual projects and demonstration. Tests, written assignments and essay

    reports will be required.  Due to the compounding nature of instruction, instructors recommend

    successful completion of the first semester precursory to second semester.