• Materials and Process

    Materials and Process                                              Materials and Process

    1/2 Credit                                                     Grade Level 9-12


    Course Overview 


    Materials and Process is an introductory course where students learn certain fundamentals, basic information, and skill in the areas of drafting, woodworking, leather-craft and metals.


    Students will explore the areas of drafting, woodworking , metalworking, and leather-craft. We will explore new ideas and technologies in each of these areas. The intent of the course is to give the students a general knowledge of the tools, materials and processes used in each area as well as develop each students ability to use these tools, materials and processes. This will be accomplished through classroom instruction, problem solving techniques and hands-on experiences through construction of small projects or demonstration. These projects should be of complex enough to provide as many learning experiences as reasonably possible. All aspects of safety will be stressed in each area of instruction. Career information will also be incorporated into each area.




    Major Objectives


                Upon completion of this course, the students should be able t


    1.                  Demonstrate skills in the safe and proper use of industrial                            materials, power machines and hand tools.

    2.                  Explain the principles of drafting/design

    3.                  Enter into a higher level course with little or no difficulty and                            enhance his/her occupational opportunity




    1.                  Classes will be a mix of classroom discussion and instruction,                         shop work on individual projects and demonstrations.

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