• Speech and Debate

    Syllabus and Contracts:



    - This is a performance-based class.  Students are required to be self-driven during class time in order to be successful.  Very rarely will students have work to take home (except for practicing).  All work is usually done in class.  The following information can also be found in the class syllabus/contract.

    - Tournaments ARE required for this class.  Students will need to compete in 5 tournaments during the season. They will also be required to help with our own tournament. Tournaments vary in length of time; students are asked to be in constant contact with parents during this time.
    - Students will also be required to perform for class. 
    - Students will keep a reflection log that will record their progress throughout the year.  They will focus on the work they do, the problems they encounter, ballot summaries, goals and progress towards them, and coaching sessions. 
    - Students will be required to have at least ONE coaching session (for each event) BEFORE each tournament.  If students do not sign up for a coaching session, they will not be allowed to compete at the tournament.  Sessions CAN be completed in class, but please do NOT depend on this.  You may have to schedule a time before school, during advisory, or after school.
    - Students will be graded on tournament attendance and preparedness, reflection logs, and coaching sessions. 
    Quick Reference Tournament Schedule List

    Below is a tentative schedule of the tournaments we could attend this year.  Just because it is on the list does not mean we will attend the tournament, and we may be invited to more throughout the year which could be added to the schedule.  If ANY changes are made to the tentative schedule, students will receive plenty of notice of such changes. 


    First Semester:


    October 13-14                         Kickapoo/Glendale (Speech AND Debate)

    October 20-21                         Willard/Republic (Speech AND Debate)

    November 10-11                     Nixa (Novice and 2nd year Sophomores)

    November 18                          Buffalo (Speech ONLY)

    December 1-2                          Springfield Catholic (Speech AND Debate)


    Second Semester:


    January 19-20                          Parkview/Central (Speech AND Debate)

    January 26-27                          Lebanon (Speech AND Debate)

    February 2-3                            Bolivar (Speech AND Debate)

    February 17                             Hillcrest (Speech ONLY)


    March 2-3                                MSHSAA Districts @ MSU

    April 20-21                              MSHSAA State @ MSU


    **Ozark Tournament TBD (Potential dates: 10/28, 12/9, 1/13, **

    **NSDA Districts for Speech/Debate and Congress have yet to be determined**


    June 17-22                               Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale, FL




    Below are links to useful sites for literature that can be used for all interpretation events.