Title I


    What is a Title I preschool program?

    For the purpose of Title I, a preschool program is a program of educational services for eligible children below the age at which the school district provides elementary education and is focused on raising the academic achievement of children once they reach school age.


    What is the purpose of a Title I preschool program? 

    Title I preschool is a comprehensive preschool program focused on academic need, working to ensure all children are ready for kindergarten. Preschoolers will learn a variety of skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.


    How are children eligible for participation in a Title I preschool program?

    To be eligible to attend a Title I preschool program, preschool-age children must be performing below expected performance levels. Determination of eligibility must be made on the basis of criteria such as teacher judgment, interviews with parents, and developmentally appropriate measures of child development. Identification of students will be completed in the Spring of the upcoming school year. Available only to children living in the Ozark School District.