• As you know, for students, most questions about Math come when the student gets home and starts their homework. Junior High has additional obstacles, being a wide variety of after school activities and practices which require students to often have a very busy schedule. Although academics must come first, there is room for flexibility with our DIGITS curriculum. That being said, we will be using a “flipped classroom” format for a large portion of Math class this year. With DIGITS being entirely online, students will be assigned the lesson to view on their own.   What would be traditionally considered homework will be done in class.  This may sound like a strange concept to you, but the lessons are on the DIGITS website that students will have access to when school starts. Lessons will be assigned weekly to allow time for viewing. Students will view the lessons, taking notes on key concepts and vocabulary, recording examples, and writing down any specific questions. I will then have instruction time over the lesson and we will do the individual practice assignment in class.



    The “flipped classroom” limits instruction loss due to an absence. It also allows students to come to class with an overview of what is being taught and allows for better note taking for those who process a little slower. I think the greatest benefit is that I will be there when they do their assignment to answer any questions.  The assignments will all be done online in class. If an assignment is not completed, it then becomes the student’s responsibility to complete it at home.