• The National Art Honor Society of Ozark High School

    Our purpose includes:

     A.    To inspire and recognize students who have shown outstanding ability in art.

     B.     To foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit in art.

     C.     To further the creative abilities and talents of the Society’s members, as well as the school’s entire student art enrollment.

     D.    To aid members in working toward the attainment of their highest potential in an art area.

     E.     To bring art to the attention of the school and community.


     Requirements include:

    1.     Must have had a minimum of one semester in art.

    2.     Must maintain at least a B average in art.

    3.     Must have a recommendation from their art teacher and from 3 teachers of academic subjects.

    4.     Must promise to dedicate time to the club.

    5.     Upon acceptance, students must submit a $10.00 membership fee.


     Benefits for NAHS members could include:

    1.     Member art workshops. 

    2.     Member field trips to galleries, competitions, museums, or artists’ studios. 

    3.     Sponsoring visits for guest speakers/artists to visit OHS. 

    4.     Opportunity for juniors and seniors to win an award and scholarship if they are interested in becoming an art educator. 

    5.     Other scholarship opportunities for seniors who are NAHS members in good standing.

    6.     Developing leadership qualities. 

    7.     Participating in events such as the Ozark Craft Fair, Raku Days, and Empty Bowls Program. 

    8.     Having artwork displayed in exhibits in our school. 

    9.     Having artwork displayed in area businesses. 

    10.   Having the opportunity to serve as an NAHS officer. 

    11.   Calling attention to art while including  many other OHS students in events such as Wearable Art Month, Pumpkin Carving Contest, Ansel Adams Photography Show.

    12.   Seniors have the opportunity to earn/purchase honor cords to wear at graduation. 

    13.   Helping art programs in other Ozark schools.

    14.   Volunteering to face-paint for the Care-to-Learn fundraisers.

    15.   Face-painting at elementary school carnivals.

    16.   Being exposed to art career information and the opportunity to research for additional college programs, grants, and scholarships. 

    17.   Participating in contests such as the Vans Shoe Designing contest, G.A.M.E. Art and Writing Contest, and the COC Art Show.

    18.   Being able to use your membership to NAHS on college applications. 

    19.   Being a member of an organization with over 45,000 art students in the United States. 

    20.   Great fun with your art friends and the opportunity to meet new friends!



    If this sounds like a club you would like to dedicate some time to, you are welcome to apply after you have one semester of art in Ozark High School.