• Ozark High School, National Art Honor Society            ArtNews                        January 2016      

    New Member Applications will be accepted through Friday, January 15, 2016. New members will be invited to our monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 19, 2016. More t-shirts will be ordered for the new members. If you want another t-shirt in the other color, they are $5.00. Pay when ordering before Wednesday, January 27th

    Photography entries for the 9th Annual Ansel Adams Photography Show are due on Wednesday, January 20, 2016.

    Preparation for entries to the Ansel Adams Show.                                             If you would like to help with the show, we need those who will:

                *Write name, title, and entry # on the back of each photo with Sharpie.

                *Assist in choosing mat colors.

                *Measure each photo and mark mat in preparation for mat-cutting.

                *Assist in cutting mats.

                *Write information on mat.

                *Attach photo and backing to mat.

                *Type artist statements.

                *Cut artist statements apart.

    *Glue artist statements to black poster board and bend for display.

    *Match photo numbers with numbers on artist statements.

    *Assist in arranging photos for display in library.

    Henna Tattoo Workshop on Thursday, January 28, 2016. This is a popular workshop every January. It’s not actually a tattoo because there are no needles. You are welcome to apply your own henna and for others as well. We always have guests who wait in line to have the henna applied. $1.00 for members and $2.00 for guests.

    Face-painting at Daddy-Daughter Dance on February 5th at East Elementary. A sign-up sheet will be put on the bulletin board. Arrive at 6:30pm. Paint until 8:30pm

    Metal Rose Workshop on Thursday, February 11, 2016. Another popular workshop. We “upcycle” soda cans and barbed wire to make roses. You are welcome to use soda cans that we are saving or you may save special cans if you like. You can leave the labels showing on the petals, spray paint them, or paint them by hand. If you bring barbed wire, then no fee. $1.00 per rose for members and $2.00 per rose for guests.

    Field Trip to Artivities Studio and Gallery on Commerce Street in Springfield. This is owned by Ms. Polly. It will be interesting to see an art business as well as have a guest artist talk to you while you are there.

    Face-paint at Ozark Business Expo on Saturday, March 19 at the OC. Probable hours will be from 9:00am-3:00pm. Sign-up sheet will be hung up. The City of Ozark will probably have an Easter egg hunt for children.

    Crystal Bridges Art Museum field trip on Saturday, March 26th or early April. The date is still being finalized with the museum. We will leave by 8:00am from the OHS bus loop.

    Upcoming events: Splatter Painting Workshop, Glass-fusing workshop, watercolor workshop or Chinese brush painting workshop, face-painting at elementary schools for end-of-school carnivals.

    NAHS Roster 2015-16 Grade 2015-16 Hours as of 1/19/16 Needs 10 hours per year
    Adams, Havannah   9.5
    Baldwin, Tatum   2
    Barnhart, Ashlyn   0.5
    Bevel, Laiken   2.5
    Biggerstaff, Alex   2.75
    Billedo, Skylyn    
    Bingman, Natalie   3.5
    Bland, Idalyn   11.75
    Blevins, Phoenix   5.25
    Boggs, Chloe   1.5
    Bonnette, Claire   7.75
    Chambers, Lauren   2
    Chung, Emily   6.5
    Clark, Courtney   2
    Conroy, Kira    
    Corp, Hannah   3.5
    Crafton, Bobby   0.5
    Davidson, Bobbi   6
    Dean, Jayce   5
    Elmore, Chelsey   6.5
    Essick, Madi    
    Frealy, AryAnna   3
    Friend, Brittany    
    Gore, Nicole   0.5
    Grumbine, Hannah   16.5
    Hainline, Kaitlyn   3.5
    Hake, Miranda   45.75
    Hayes, Aaron   10.25
    Heaps, Jordan   10.5
    Hendricks, Aliyah   3
    Hendrickson, Ashlyn   1.5
    Herman, Gabrielle    
    Horton, Tanner   5.75
    Hulstine, Rachel   4.5
    Hurt, Carissa   2
    Jones, Jacob   16.25
    King, Audrey    
    Klinger, Tori    
    Lamb, Racheal    
    Lawyer, Avery   12
    Lipchik, Hannah   6
    Long, Whitney   10.25
    McCary, Carson   3
    McCown, Julia    
    Medley, Chloe-Ann    
    Merriwether, Aleasa   27
    Moore, Lydia   3
    Morris, Ashton   5
    Norris, Emily   11.75
    Nelson, Emily   3.25
    Newberry, Chrissy   3
    Nguyen, Lena   4.25
    Olson, Grace   5.25
    Percival, Megan   3.5
    Rasey, Eva   3.5
    Reed, Hannah   3.25
    Reeves-Eakins, Haley    5.25
    Robertson, Kaylea   1.5
    Rogers, Zach   10
    Rohrer, Tiffany   2
    Rumley, Kayla   9.25
    Rushing, Rylee   8.25
    Sabatier, Margaux    
    Salcedo, Tommy    
    Schafer, Josh   12.75
    Schafer, Skylar   6.25
    Schiffner, Kharli    
    Scott, McKenzie   17
    Strickland, Elyse   1
    Sutton, Carissa   6
    Thompson, Sarah    
    Trimble, Weston    
    Valdez, Kayla   9
    Walter, Caleigh   1
    White, Brittany   2
    Whyte, Shone   3
    Widmar, Julia   2
    Williams, Julia   1
    Williams, Kelsey   10.25
    Zadnik, Jodi   3.5