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         Course Syllabus and Classroom Procedures 
         Ozark Middle School

         Mrs. Ulrich 7th Grade Mathematics 

    Course Description:

    The seventh grade math program is designed to prepare students for eighth grade mathematics the following year.

    Our main source of material this year will be digits by Pearson, along with supplemental materials as needed. This is an ALL online curriculum and the majority of assignments will be done on the computer. This course will include the study of number theory and algebraic reasoning, integers and rational numbers, proportional reasoning, percents, plane figures and measures, probability, multi-step equations and inequalities, and functions and their graphs.  

    General Rules:  Be on time, be prepared, be respectful and be responsible.


    • Spiral notebook for math class only (note taking)
    • Pocket folder  – to store and transport loose paper
    • Pencils or mechanical pencils with extra lead – all graded work must be done in pencil
    • Calculator – needs a square root sign (recommend the TI-30XIIs)
    • Loose leaf notebook paper for practice & notes
    • Ear buds or type of head phones for plugging into computer
    • Optional: box of Kleenex to donate to classroom          


    Preparation for Class: Students are required to bring a pencil, notebook, folder, Digits book, and completed homework.

    Expectations for class:

    Everyone has the right to, and should expect to, learn.

    Each individual is worthy of respect.

    Classroom orderliness is necessary for an effective classroom.

    Hard work is necessary for learning. 

    How students will be assessed: 


    1. A student's score will accumulate through tests, quizzes, homework, and in-class work. The majority of the points will come from test & quiz grades. Retakes will be offered (one) upon completion of the Retake Contract.
    2. Homework (practice) will count and is expected to be completed as assigned so students will be prepared for quizzes and tests.  Like any activity, the more the practice the better one becomes at that activity. Students will receive full homework credit at 80% or better completion. 
    3. In class participation will be ongoing and will consist of students keeping notes and practicing along with their fellow classmates. A student does not need to actively participate (answering questions, volunteering to come to board, ...) to receive their points. 

    Grades will be kept current and will be available for parent viewing on the on-line SIS grade book. I encourage you to check grades often and please contact me if concerns arise. Please see office to acquire your personal username and password. 

    Parent Teacher Conferences:
    Teachers will contact parents/guardians to share good news concerning their student’s educational growth or to discuss behaviors or work habits that might cause the student difficulty in class. Students are to meet, outside of class time with the teacher to discuss questions or concerns related to class.  If this contact does not resolve the issue, students are to contact the principal.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers through e-mail.  Teacher’s e-mail address for this class:  darlaulrich@mail.ozark.k12.mo.us or by phone 582-5903  Ext.3009.  Formal conferences will be scheduled in October. This is a scheduled time for parents and teachers to plan to work as a team to enhance the student’s learning experience. Please plan to attend.