Ozark A+ Program
    The key goal of the A+ Schools Program is to assure that all students when they
    graduate, are well-prepared to pursue advanced education, employment or both.

    Goals of the OHS A+ School Program

    1. To ensure that all students graduate from High School.
    2. To ensure that all students complete a selection of High School Studies that is challenging and has identified learning expectations.
    3. To ensure that all students proceed from High School Graduation to a College, a Post-Secondary Vocational / Technical School, or a high wage job with work place skill development opportunities. 
    Student Benefits
    • Money for tuition to attend a Missouri public community or technical college
    • Opportunity to learn about careers at the place of business as well as in the classroom.
    • Tutoring and mentoring experience
    • Career Pathways to help provide a focus and guidance
    • Encouragement to attend school regularly and work hard
    • Experience using computers and other technologies to solve problems.
    Helpful Links 

    Contact: Mr. Nathaniel Gillespie, A+  Coordinator

                                     Mrs. Erin Vernatti, A+ Administrative Assistant Phone (417)582-5711 
     A+ Tuition reimbursement is contingent upon state funding. State funding may be removed or reduced  at any time, and is not the responsibility of Ozark R-VI School District. The tuition reimbursement will be within the amount appropriated annually by the state.