OHS Counseling Department



    Janae Kondracki, 582-5715

     Ozark High School Transcript Request form

    (for OHS graduates only - current students please use the "College" tab in Naviance to request a transcript)  

    Sarah Peterson, 12th - 582-5713
    Lindsay Foundopoulos, 11th - 582-5716
    Jared Cristy, 10th - 582-5721
    Paul Goode, Finley River School - 582-5920
    Class Rankings - Class of 2022 and beyond
    OHS will be identified as a "non-ranking" high school. This means class rank will not be printed on transcripts, nor given to parents or students. The school profile, which is electronically sent with all transcripts, will include overall GPA information such as grading scale, highest GPA, median GPA, etc. If a college or scholarship requests rank, the first communication will explain our non-ranking system. If the college or scholarship requires rank, the OHS counseling department will provide it directly to the college or scholarship.