• Rudy Widmar
    OHS Teacher
    582-5901 ext 3122
    Room A140/A141
    Rudy Widmar  

    The Wood Technology Program at Ozark High School is a  program of study encouraging students to develop skills through useful application. The Wood Technology rational is to educate young men and women toward careers in the wood products industry. 

    A comprehensive curriculum uses a unique "hands-on" approach to learning designed to provide students with a broad base of technical knowledge and skills.  Much of the coursework is production based and blends classroom theory with real-world product and process .


    Homework Note: In most classes,  the majority of the work takes place as classwork.





                                    Widmar Class Schedule 15-16
                                        Room A-140 

            8 am  – 9:26                   A-1             Materials and Process/Materials and Process

             9:31   -  10:01               A-2             Freshman Advisory

             10:06 – 11:31                A-3             Plan

             11:37 – 1:27                  A-4            Vocational Cabinetmaking

             1:32   – 3:00                  A-5            Vocational Cabinetmaking


              8 am  – 9:26                  B-1            Materials and Process/Materials and Process

            9:31   -  10:01                B-2            Freshman Advisory

            10:06 – 11:31                 B-3            Plan

             11:37 – 1:27                  B-4           Materials and Process/Materials and Process

             1:32   – 3:00                  B-5           Woodworking 1

                         Contact Information:
                       phone  (417) 582-5901 ext 3122
                       email   rudywidmar@mail.ozark.k12.mo.us
                      *Tutoring availiable before and after school by appointment.
                *Additional work/tutoring time will be set aside throughout the year for extended work projects.