2022-2023 Changes

  • We have a lot of changes happening this year and want to keep our families informed. 

    With the opening of the Ozark Innovation Center, there are many grade level shifts throughout the District. Here is the new grade configuration:

    • Elementary: K-4
    • Middle School: 5-6
    • Junior High: 7-8
    • High School: 9-12

    Because of the grade shifts, OMS is shifting its schedule to align closer to the elementary schedule next year. Start and release times can be found here.

    Ozark School District is restructuring many bus stops for the 2022-23 school year. This change is based on several factors in order to increase student safety, decrease student ride times and increase efficiency. Postcards with the new bus stop location will be sent out at the end of July. This information, along with the bus number and time, will also be available on Parent Portal Wednesday, August 17. Read more about this change here.

    Elementary bus routes will include kindergarten through sixth grade and secondary bus routes will include seventh through 12th grade. This allows us to balance our bus loads and consolidate some routes. OMS students will be dropped off and picked up before elementary students each day.

    School supplies will NOT be provided for elementary students this year. We were able to provide supplies to elementary families for the past two school years because of COVID relief funds, which we are no longer receiving. Families will be responsible for purchasing their own school supplies. Find the lists here.

    School meals are NOT free for the 2022-23 school year. This is because the federal free meal program through the U.S. Department of Agriculture ended June 30. Families are encouraged to fill out a Free/Reduced Meal Application to see if you qualify for free or reduced meals. Costs and information regarding school meals can be found here