2021 Raider Fitness Crucible Registration

    Registration is due by 25 March. As teams are small, schools are welcome to register
    multiple teams. Non-cadets are invited to participate as well, as long as they are age 14 or older (or age 12 with a parent present). Registration is limited to 64 teams total. Register early to secure your spot. All participants must turn in a signed liability waiver to be able to participate.


    Entry Fee- The entry fee is $15 per participant. This includes access to refreshments throughout the day. The entry fee is due upon check-in at the Raider meet.

    T-Shirts- T-shirts will be available for purchase at the event for $10 per shirt.




    The overnight lodge is not available this year due to coronavirus concerns. 




    Date: April 10th, 2021


    • 5K Run
    • Litter Run
    • Agility Course 
    • Ironman 
    • Lumberjack 
    • Stone Quarry
    • Rucksack Relay 
    • Bucket Brigade
  • Timeline-

    7:00-7:20- Check-In

    8:00-1:15- Competition 

    1:30- Ulitmate Raider 

    2:00- Award Ceremony 


    Rotation Schedule: Teams will be allocated time slots for each event during the day to ensure that
    everyone has a chance to complete every event. Four teams will compete at a time at each station. The
    time schedule is set up to allow 15 minutes for each event (30 for the 5K run) plus 15 minutes to
    transition to the next station. A 15-minute break is built in after every two events. Teams are required
    to maintain the time slots they are assigned.

    Conduct: Cursing is forbidden. Each instance of cursing will be penalized (with a time penalty) by the
    station director. Repeated instances of cursing are grounds for dismissal (with disqualification) from the
    event or even the entire competition. If you have concerns about the judging of any event, please direct
    your concerns to the operations center. You may raise them respectfully with the station director first,
    but please do not argue with the station directors. Do not direct your concerns to the timekeepers.

    Refreshments: A refreshment station will provide free refreshments to all participating during and after the competition. As the schedule will not allow each team to stop by the refreshment station between events, teams may want to bring some of their own refreshments along the way 

  • Point of Contact


    Any questions or comments on this competition, please contact Major (Retired) Danny Cazier at DannyCazier@Ozarktigers.org or 417-239-5867