• Event overview: 

    The Tiger 50 Challenge is a 50-mile hike continuous hike that must be completed within 20 hours.  The hike takes place on the Frisco Highline Trail (a wide, well-maintained trail with minimal incline) and is supported by aid stations every 4-5 miles along the way.  The Challenge derives from a directive Theodore Roosevelt issues to all officers in his command that they are able to compete “a march of 50 miles, to be made in three consecutive days and in a total of 20 hours, including rests, the march on any one day to be during consecutive hours.” 


    The hike will take place on 16-17 April, starting at 7 pm Friday evening and proceeding through the night and as late as 3 pm Saturday.

    Check-In Times and Zones:

    The Check-in location and start point for the hike is the Walnut Grove trailhead. Parking will also be located at Walnut Grove, with more parking available at Walnut Grove schools located ¾ mile away from the trailhead. Check-in will begin at 6:30 pm and the hike will begin at 7 pm.


    The entry fee is $35.  This includes a commemorative Tiger 50 Challenge T-shirt as well as refreshments and first aid at aid stations along the trail.


    Do I have to complete all 50 miles?

    No. The Ozark 50 Fit is designed for you to challenge yourself at any fitness level. Set your personal goal and strive to achieve it. We’ll cheer you on.

    Will there be first aid, food, or water stations along the trail?

    Yes. Approximately every 4 miles there will be food, water, and a first aid station to assist you. 

    What happens if I cannot finish a full loop?

    Those who unexpectedly find themselves unable to continue during the course can be shuttled back to the start point (and their vehicle) from any of our aid stations.  We ask that participants plan to travel out (any distance up to 18 miles) and back without relying on our shuttles.  But if need be, we can provide transportation assistance to those who are unable to continue.

    What happens if there is bad weather?  

    In the event of inclement weather, we may have to cancel or postpone the 50-mile hike for the safety of all participants. We will notify you in advance if possible.

    *Please note: we do not give refunds from cancellations due to inclement weather conditions

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