• Thank you for helping us keep your child safe at Ozark South Elementary School.

Before School Drop-Off

    • If possible, arrange your seating so your child exits from the passenger side of the vehicle.
    • Always pull forward as much as possible (don't stop at the #5 cone if you can pull forward to #1-4).
    • Students may only exit the vehicle at the cones. Please do not allow your child to exit your vehicle if they must cross traffic in order to reach the building.
    • Please do not park and walk up to the school entrance during car drop off. 

    Before school drop off graphic

After School Pick-Up

    • Arrange your vehicle seating so your child may load from the passenger side of the vehicle.
    • Encourage your child to buckle themselves or move beyond the cones/pick-up zone if you need to buckle them. 
    • LANES 2-4 are used as needed (see graphic below). Please follow directions from the School Traffic Team and posted signs as to which lane to enter. 
    • Car tags must hang on the rearview mirror. Please write your child's first and last name on the car tag as large as possible with a Sharpie. 

    After School Pick Up Graphic