• The Drill Team is composed of talented cadets who practice for hours on end to become a stronger and more precise team. Building new routines every four to five years to make it even more impressive with the experience they gained in the years before. Having made a brand new routine just two years ago, they placed second overall in the nation, and are now aiming to be at the top. The Drill Team coach, Chief Warrant Officer Three Allen, is constantly working his cadets as hard as possible to make them ready for each competition. 

    There are two teams in the drill, the armed and unarmed teams (male and female,) split into four categories: exhibition, regulation, color guard, and new cadet. When a cadet joins drill, they are placed into new cadet, they can still join any of the other three, but they have to compete for a spot in exhibition or regulation. The armed team uses rifles for exhibition and regulation, while the unarmed team does not. Color guard and new cadet are mostly similar for both teams. The armed team is required to come in on Mondays and Wednesdays, while the unarmed team is required to come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, each at 0530. Color guard-specific practices are on Fridays, at the same time. Each week before a competition, the teams go through a 'Drill Week', which is where both teams come in every day except Wednesday, which is when the color guard practices.