• The Rifle Team is built of incredibly focused and determined cadets that are constantly training to become the best they can be, and then more. This team is consistently placing highly in competitions and holds multiple first place trophies at the national level. The Rifle Team coach, First Sergeant Crawford, is extremely dedicated to and proud to be the coach of these cadets. 

    There are two shooting types in Rifle: Precision and Sporter. Every cadet starts off in the sporter category, and after one year, cadets have the option to join the precision category, however, they currently have to purchase their own gear, or have it handed down by graduating cadets. Precision is very similar to sporter, the main difference is that the shooters wear specially designed attire that provides more support when shooting.  

    The cadets are required to come in four days a week to practice, in the morning at 0500. Rifle cadets come in for practice earlier than any other team, but extra time is incredibly important to work on perfecting their craft.