Advanced Training Reimbursement

  •  Employee Reimbursement Guidelines

    The employee reimbursement program is designed to provide certified and classified staff opportunities to improve and enhance their job related skills. Individuals must apply for consideration PRIOR to initiating the learning opportunity (exceptions see number 9 below). Not all requests are approved for reimbursement. There are limited funds available. The intent of these monies is to provide additional training and professional development with a specific focus - not attendance at a conference. The training may include multiple sessions and may include college credit. 

    The following criteria are included in this program. 

    1. This professional development/training opportunity is open to any district employee excluding substitute and seasonal/temporary employees. 
    2. The professional development/training opportunity must enhance the individual’s work in his/her current position.  
    3. The professional development/training opportunity must align with the individual’s current work assignment.The intent of this program is not prepare the individual for a different position than he/she currently holds. 
    4. The professional development/training opportunity could be aligned with the request of the individual’s supervisor for further enhancement.  
    5. The professional development/training must be provided by a reputable/accredited/recognized institute and/or organization that is satisfactory to the administration in its judgment and sole discretion. 
    6. The request(s) should align with district strategic goals, initiatives/needs and priorities. 
    7. The individual will have a limited dollar amount  ($4500 maximum per year or $1500 per trimester - based on funds available, the amounts may be less) one can apply and receive during a fiscal year (July 1-June 30). 
    8. The class or training must be finished during the trimester it has been approved. (If you are taking a class from July to November, submit during the August trimester.) In this type case only, the professional development opportunity may have started prior to applying for reimbursement. As with all applications for reimbursement, just because an employee has already started does not mean it will be automatically accepted for reimbursement. It still must meet all the other requirements. 
    9. There will be three deadline dates during the fiscal year to apply for consideration for reimbursement.   The dates are August 15 (for fall semester), Nov 15 (for spring semester), March 15 (for summer semester).
      1. Deadline Dates
    10. These monies are not intended for attendance at conferences.
    11. No reimbursement will be provided for dissertation hours, education administration specific course work or books/supplies.
    12. All requests for reimbursement must be submitted at the completion of the training.
    13. Due to fiscal end of year deadlines, all requests for reimbursement must be submitted to the individual’s supervisor by May 30 of each fiscal year.   Any requests submitted after this date will not be funded since it crosses into a new year.  Exceptions must be pre-approved by the CFO prior to May 30.
    14. All requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days of the completion of the activity.   Any exceptions must be approved by the CFO prior to the end of the 60 day window.
    15. The individual must successfully complete the training.  If the employee receives college/university credit,  the individual must earn a letter grade of “C” or higher to be reimbursed for undergraduate credit, and “B” or higher to be reimbursed for graduate credit. If the training provides for a certification, then the certification requirements must be completed and the certification received by the employee.
    16. The individual must have been an employee of the district for at least one calendar year.
    17. The individual must have received satisfactory evaluations by his/her supervisor. The individual may not be on a “performance improvement plan” or any other type of remedial or disciplinary plan or documents.
    18. Once the budget allocation is used, there will not be additional monies until the following fiscal year - pending board approval.
    19. Final approval must come from Senior Leadership.  The employee must first seek approval from his/her supervisor. Once approval is provided at this level it will then proceed to Senior Leadership.
    20. Based on the overall allocation, Senior Leadership can limit the number of reimbursements per year and also limit the amount provided for the total year and also the maximum amount per trimester.  ($4500 maximum per year or $1500 per trimester - based on funds available, the amounts may be less).
    21. To apply for a training or class reimbursement prior to the corresponding deadline: