High School Innovation Center

  • Ozark School District purchased the property at 1600 W. Jackson St., known as the Fasco building.  


    Ozark School District closed on the purchase of the commercial property known as the Fasco building located at 1600 W. Jackson St. in Ozark on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. The $4.1 million purchase is part of Phase 1 of the District's Long Range Plan, which the Board of Education approved in March. The innovation center will serve as an extension of the main Ozark High School campus and a new location of District Office.

    “We are asking, how can we approach education differently and shift our educational philosophy to better embrace the talents of our students,” said Ozark Superintendent Chris Bauman. “Our goal is to improve the high school experience for all students rather than simply expanding our existing operations.”


Innovation Center Updates