East Drop-Off & Pick-Up Information

  • East Parent Drop-Off graphic

    • Enter the new parking lot (on the west side) on Hartley Street
    • Snake around spaces and continue out of the new lot going straight into the driveway of the original lot (on the east)
    • Snake around spots in this lot too
    • Pull around to the loading area to drop off/pick up your child
    • Exit by making a right into the new lot and driving around the perimeter to the same entrance/exit you entered the lot
    • Please be sure to leave as little of a gap as possible with the car in front of you in order to avoid cars being backed up on Hartley Street
    • When loading and unloading your child, pull all the way up to designated cone areas

    Thanks for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe.

Tiger Care School Drop-Off & Pick-Up

  • Tiger Care entrance is the gym door down the ramp on the east side of the building.