Instructional Compass

  • In social studies we learned that a compass is “an instrument used for navigation and orientation that shows one’s direction relative to one’s desired direction.” Given this definition, we at Ozark School District use an Instructional Compass to summarize where we want to head as a District. 

    At its center, the Compass identifies that which we hold most dear, our students. Moving out from the center we’ve identified the means we use to teach our students. Through comprehensive literacy, balanced math and citizenship, we want to move students to the next layer of our Compass. That is, we want our students to be proficient in 21st Century skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. The means by which we make those happen comes from the outermost Compass circle. Using personalized learning, technology integration, student interventions, professional growth, data and professional learning communities. This allows us to maintain our direction as a District: “Student Dedicated Every Day and Student Driven in Every Way.”

    Ozark Instructional Compass

  • Student Dedicated Every Day, Student Driven in Every Way