CoxHealth Virtual School Clinics

  •  Ozark School District has partnered with CoxHealth Virtual School Clinics, also known as telemedicine, to bring healthcare right inside our school walls! All Ozark students, regardless of their insurance, can be seen by a CoxHealth provider at school with a virtual school clinic visit.

    Parents and guardians no longer need to worry about scheduling an appointment and driving to a doctor’s office or urgent care. Instead, when a student reports to the nurse’s office they can be seen immediately if the school has a virtual clinic. Virtual School Clinics are located at: 

    • Ozark Middle School
    • Junior High School
    • South Elementary
    • East Elementary 

    Students attending a school without a Virtual School Clinic can be transported by a parent or guardian to any of our Virtual School Clinic locations. 

    Once the consent form has been completed, parents attend the School Virtual Clinic visit by video or in person with their student while the CoxHealth navigator facilitates the visit. These visits are ideal for non-emergency minor illnesses like a strep throat, earaches, pink eye, or sinus infections and cost the same as your primary care copay. Prescriptions can also be called in by the provider during the appointment.  

    We hope this will result in convenient care with fewer missed days of school and in turn, fewer missed work days for you. 

    For more information about this program, FAQs and common conditions treated, visit CoxHealth’s Virtual School Clinics.

    Virtual School Clinics Graphic