• Here is a checklist of items that are beneficial for your child to know or to have worked on before coming to kindergarten, as well as ideas of how to work on these skills with your child. This checklist is simply to be used as a guide in preparing your child for kindergarten. Remember, our kindergarten teachers will teach your child where they are and move them to the next step. 

    I can identify the letters in my name.
    I can recognize the difference between a letter and a number.
    I know proper book handling skills.

    • Discuss how to open a book from the front. Point out the front of the book versus the back. Discuss the front of the book is where the story begins and the back is where the story ends.
    • Discuss how to hold a book right-side-up, how to read left-to-right and top-to-bottom.
    • Discuss how to turn pages one at a time.

    I can talk about books read to me.

    • Read to your child daily.
    • After finishing a book, ask your child what happened at the beginning, middle or end of the story.
    • While reading a story, ask what your child thinks will happen next.
    • Encourage your child to finish predictable phrases or rhymes.
    • Ask your child what they think will happen based on the pictures.