• Here is a checklist of items that are beneficial for your child to know or to have worked on before coming to kindergarten, as well as ideas of how to work on these skills with your child. This checklist is simply to be used as a guide in preparing your child for kindergarten. Remember, our kindergarten teachers will teach your child where they are and move them to the next step. 

    I know my:

    • first and last name
    • age
    • gender
    • birthday
    • parents’ names
    • siblings’ names and if siblings are younger or older

    I can take care of my own coat, as well as bathroom needs.

    • Allow your child to start zipping, buttoning pants, etc. on their own when they go to the bathroom.
    • Practice buttoning/unbuttoning, zipping/unzipping with clothing around the house.
    • Begin working on tying shoes.

    I can cut with scissors.

    • Have your child cut out coupons
    • Have your child cut out pictures from old magazines of things they are interested in.

    I can buckle and unbuckle my seatbelt.

    • Start allowing your child to buckle/unbuckle their seatbelt on their own. This is important if you plan to pick up or drop off your child at school.
    • If you will be dropping off or picking up your student from school, ensure the booster seat is on the passenger side of the car. Students enter/exit vehicles on the passenger side for safety so they do not walk between vehicles.