• Here is a checklist of items that are beneficial for your child to know or to have worked on before coming to kindergarten, as well as ideas of how to work on these skills with your child. This checklist is simply to be used as a guide in preparing your child for kindergarten. Remember, our kindergarten teachers will teach your child where they are and move them to the next step. 


    Students are responsible to follow a morning routine chart in the classroom that will be explained at the beginning of the year. Students need opportunities to have responsibilities at home so they can be successful with school responsibilities like opening their own lunch items, following directions the first time a direction is given and working quietly at the table while others are also working.

    Food For Thought

    We are a school community and we want our students to strive for excellence. Things are different at school than at home. Please remember your child will be in a classroom of around 20 5- and 6-year-olds. Their behaviors may be different than they are at home because of the positive and negative influences of other children the same age. Help us encourage positive choices and being respectful to all people in the classroom.   

    More information

    Here is more information, tips and checklists of items that are benefitial for your child to know before coming to kindergarten: