•  Login to Copier:
      •  Using your copier PIN or your ID Badge
    •  Print a document
      1.  Make sure you sent your print job on your windows computer to the Virtual_Toshiba printer
      2. Login to Copier using your PIN or your school-issued ID Badge
      3. PaperCut will then display a list of your print jobs
      4. Select which ones you want to print or choose the print all button
    •  Scan a document
      1. Login to Copier using your PIN or your ID Badge
      2. On the PaperCut Screen push the “ACCESS DEVICE”  button
      3. Press the "SCAN" button on the home screen
      4. Press the "TEMPLATE" button near the top of the screen
      5. Choose the "PUBLIC GROUP TEMPLATE" button
      6. Choose your scan location by selecting it on the screen
      7. You are now ready to press the scan button
    • OPTIONAL: Creating a shortcut to your scan location saves you time and is easy
      1. At the top of the screen next to the "TEMPLATE" button, press the "Home+" button (looks like a house with a plus sign)
      2. Choose a location on your home screen by pressing of one of the available + signs
      3. Press on the "Name 2" button and give your shortcut a simple name. Then press OK on the on-screen keyboard
      4. Press the OK button on the next screen to save your changes
      5. Now that you have created the shortcut from this point forward to scan all you will have to do is log in to the copier and press "ACCESS DEVICE" button, and then choose your shortcut
    • Report a problem
      •  Contact your building’s administrative assistant with the CPI system number which can be found on the sticker on the front of the machine