• During the 2017-18 school year, Ozark School District began training students and staff the Run Hide Fight concept for intruder drills. The District also hosted a community safety night to extend that training to parents and the community. The safety discussion continues through a Run Hide Fight video.

    Shown to students at Middle School, Junior High and High School levels, and to all District staff, the video is designed to teach and empower students and staff to know how to react should they ever find themselves in a threatening situation — whether that be at school, at a restaurant or at the grocery store.

    What is Run Hide Fight?

    Run Hide Fight is a safety protocol recognized by law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security. The Ozark School District chose to implement the Run Hide Fight method because it shows students and staff they have options in threatening situations. Before implementing Run Hide Fight, the District taught students and staff to barricade and hide. While this is sometimes the best option, the Run Hide Fight concept illustrates there are other options. The District believes that knowing your options — run, hide or fight — increases your chance of survival.

    What is Ozark School District currently doing to implement Run Hide Fight?

    • During the 2017-18 school year, the District brought in an expert on multiple occasions to discuss Run Hide Fight with staff, the community and high school students. 
    • All schools, grades PK-12, have quarterly intruder drills where faculty and students discuss what they should do in the event of a crisis and incorporate the Run Hide Fight concept. 
    • District administrators and staff participated in a multi-agency active shooter simulation.