• 6th and 7th Grade: Thanksgiving Week (Gratitude Journal Activity)


    Start by watching this video: Gratitude Journaling

    What is gratitude?

    gratitude definition

    What are the benefits of practicing gratitude?

    It improves mental health, including increasing happiness, reducing depression, increasing self-esteem, and increasing resiliency.  It improves physical health, including strengthening the immune system and improving sleep.

    Want to try purposefully practicing gratitude?

    Grab one of the three 5 day gratitude journals made by the counselors.  Copies can be found on the table in your pod or on the bricks in front of the main office.  Take it home over Thanksgiving break and do one short gratitude activity each day in the journal.  When you finish, share what you thought about your experience with us by coming back to this webpage and filling out the google form that will be available for you on Monday, November 26th.  We’re looking forward to hearing how it went!

  • 7th Grade: Week of October 1-5

    7th Graders - Please help me get to know you by completing the form linked below.  

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