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    There are three art classes you can take at OJH. Two are for 8 grade and one is for 9th grade.

     Art Studio Workshop
          This is a semester-long class for 8th grade only. This class lets students explore the elements and principles of art and design in their own works of art to further develop their artistic skills. They will use all variety of media, techniques, and styles while learning famous artists and artwork to further their inspiration.
    Some of the projects done in this class are:
    • Elements of Art Cubes
    • Still Life Drawings
    • Watercolor Landscapes
    • Oil Pastel Abstract
    • Portrait & Figure Drawing
    • One Clay Project
    Creative Discovery
           This is a semester-long class for 8th grade only. In this class, students will create lots of different varieties of arts and crafts. Students will use different methods to create a wide range of projects and discover how art can become part of their everyday life. Some projects in this class are:
    • Graffiti Name Design
    • Fiber Weavings
    • Printmaking
    • Sculpture
    • Painting
    • Clay

    Art Foundations
           This is a year-long class for 9th grade only. This class explores many aspects of art like drawing, painting, sculpture, digital art, printmaking, design, and art history. At this level, we learn and practice more advanced techniques that can be used to help express yourself in those areas of art, whether that may be creating new ideas or improving some of your old ideas. You must pass both semesters to take any other art classes. Each semester counts as a 1/2 credit of fine arts.
    GET READY TO BE CHALLENGED! Some projects include:
    • Metal Rose Sculpture
    • Still Life Drawing
    • Weaving
    • Printmaking
    • Color Wheel
    • Ceramic Project
    • Watercolor Painting
    • Sketchbook
    • Colored Pencil
    • Grid Drawing
    • Digital Project 
                                             Mrs. Hogan                          Mrs. Swearingn
                                                          Mrs. Hogan                                                         Mrs. Swearingn
    Mrs. Swearingin has been teaching K-12 for 21 years in Kansas, Tennesse, and Missouri. She has her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Commercial and Graphic Design. She loves helping students finding their inner artist and showing them how to express themselves. Mrs. Hogan has been teaching for 22 years and an additional 5 years as a para. She has taught at three schools in Texas before she came to Ozark. Her favorite part of teaching is the relationships with the students and showing them that they can create artworks that they had no idea they could do! Mrs. Hogan chartered a chapter of National Junior Art Honor Society here at the Ozark Junior High this year, so students have a place to connect with other art students.
    Created By:  Maddie Satterly - Spring 2018