There are more than 53,000 junior high and high school students in National Junior Honor Society and National Art Honor Societies across the United  States.
    Our purpose is to:

    • Recognize art students who love art and strive to improve their skills.
    • Bring art to our school and community.
    • Seek to make this world a better place through our art.
    • Create an environment where artists can collaborate together.

    What do we do?

    • Look for art opportunities to help our school and community.
    • Have workshops to learn new techniques.
    • Include other students in our art workshops when possible.
    • Go to First Friday Artwalk.
    • Go to art museums.
    • Have monthly meetings to help invite students into the club.
    This is the NJAHS sponsor. 
    Mrs. Hogan
    Mrs. Hogan:
    Mrs. Hogan has been teaching for 22 years and has also been a special education para for 5 years. She came from a family of artists. Her personal art is expressed in watercolor paintings, acrylic painting, dyed silk scarves, fused glass necklace pendants and Christian t-shirt design. She is earnestly devoted to helping students discover and develop art talents at a level they did not know they could achieve. When she was a small child, her father would tell her to draw a squiggle on a piece of paper and he would make it into something funny like a dog with a party hat.
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