• Culture Club
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    Culture Club

    The Culture Club is an extracurricular club for French and Spanish students. We have events and activities throughout the year that are fun ways to spend time with other foreign language students and eat food and hang out.

     We have 4 events, typically 1 per quarter.

    1st quarter - Picnic in the park

    2nd quarter - Chopped style food cooking competition

    3rd quarter - Mardi Gras

    4th quarter – TBA

     To join there is a $15 due, this includes a shirt and pays for all food and events for the entire year.

    Mr. Eoff is the jr. high French teacher at Ozark. He has a passion for all things French! He loves the food, history, culture, architecture, and language! His goal is to pass on that passion to his students as they learn about the country and the language.
    Created By Emily Cobb Fall 2017