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    Band Clipart

    Band is a program for 8th and 9th Graders and to be in band you must have been in band since 6th grade and have been in it for every year since then. The 8th and 9th graders are in separate bands. The band directors for both of the bands are Mrs. Faught, Mr. Meyer, Mrs. Love, Mr. Chapman, and Mrs. Ford.


    The band directors expect for everyone to be at rehearsal every day. You will also need to be bringing your instrument to band every day. If you forget to bring your instrument you will get one warning, after that you will be given a discipline. You will also be expected to take your instrument home and practice every night for at least 5-10 minutes. 


    The grading is very simple, they will take the points earned divided by points possible. The main bulk of the points in band that will be possible will come from the proformances. You will have a winter and spring concert. If you are in the 9th grade band then you will be participating in marching competitions, these will be during the fall.


    You will be given playing tests to judge your knowledge of the music the band is currently working on. If you don’t get a score on a playing test and want to improve it, you can by retaking it, and as many times as you would like untill you get the score you desire.


    All instruments will also have their own chair tests at some point in the year. Your chair will determine what part you are playing and how you score in comparison to the other people playing that instrument. The directors also want you to be competitive but kind when it comes to your chair placement. You will be able to challenge the person in the chair above you and if you score higher then them then you will take their chair and move them down by one.


    The main rules that you will be expected to follow are:

    1. No talking while the directors are talking.
    2. Raise your hand if you have a question.
    3. No gum ever, even for percussionists.
    4. No drinks in the band room except for water.
    5. Your band locker is a privilege, not a right, so please keep you locker clean.
    6. Please respect the facilities and equipment. If it's not your's, don't touch it.



    Band Directors




    Mrs. Faught                                                    Mr. Meyer

    Mrs. Faught                                                           Mr. Meyer



    Mr. Chapman                                                     Mrs. Love

    Mr. Chapman                                                           Mrs. Love





    Mrs. Ford  

    Mrs. Ford




    Created by Nathan Bohannon - Winter 2017